Christmas is a merry time but Christmas shopping can cause stress. Lighten your load, make it easier on Santa, and start Christmas shopping in September. Checking off your list, starting now, has many benefits.

It’s hard to think about Christmas shopping in September. I mean you haven’t even picked out your Halloween costume? But trust me, if you get in this habit, this year, you will feel the benefit and do so every year.

For me, the habit began 26 years ago. I was pregnant, with my second child, due the beginning of January and was scheduled for a C-section, December 26. He was coming a bit early and I had to get busy. I realized I could be put on bed-rest, deliver him even earlier or not feel up to all the Christmas crowds at the mall (plus remember this was 26 years ago—no online shopping, no Amazon!!)


I began the task of making my list, and one by one I checked it off. Come Christmas, I had my feet up, resting at home. Note-the following year, baby number three was due in late January (yes, thirteen months and one day later!) and my early shopping tradition continued.

To this day, I start Christmas shopping in September, all these years later. And here is why…
  • Less crowds. You don’t have to fight the crowds. Settling for what is left at the store is no longer an issue. I will admit, I like to go to a mall, with all the Christmas décor and music and that enormous tree—who doesn’t? Do I have to remind you how hard it is to find a parking place at the mall in December? Now, everything is easier for me; I now enjoy Christmas without the stress, because my shopping is 80% complete by December 1.
  • No stress about deliveries! There is no longer a need to wait by the door on Christmas Eve for the overworked, overtired UPS person to bring you that last gift. Instead, that gift is already under the tree and you are making cookies!
  • The big sales happen closer to Christmas now. There are Black Friday sales before Black Friday. You could also hold off on the large ticket items, if you prefer.
  • Can we talk budget? Christmas kills budgets. You spend a lot of extra money in December, within four to five weeks. Why not spread that out between four months? Doesn’t that sound a lot smarter? You are still going to be spending money in December on decorations, party outfits, teacher’s gift’s (unless you buy those early, too!), preparations for parties and get-togethers, and last-minute gifts.
  • When you begin your Christmas shopping in September, and complete it early, you have more time to enjoy Christmas with your family. You can do all the fun stuff without the stress of needing to leave your children and head out the door–to shop.

Finishing your Christmas shopping before the kids get out of school, in December, is a bonus-bonus.

Starting your Christmas shopping in September will make you a happier person in December. Don’t be a Scrooge—shop early! Start now!